About Kaptau Packaging Namibia


Our Mission

To accelerate the advent of sustainable packaging by bringing compelling, better and helpful packaging solutions to the Namibian market and beyond. No matter the size, our customers deserves and ultimately gets the finest service available in the market. We help our customers, better than anyone else to protect, preserve and promote their products in the most innovative and effective ways. We are easy to work with and rewarding to work for.

Our Vision

To be the industry leader in listening to and understanding our client needs, and respond to same with bespoke packaging solutions that are sustainable, effective and affordable.

Who We Are

Kaptau Packaging Proprietary Limited is a 100% Namibian owned company, registered and incorporated in Namibia according the Companies Act, Act 28 of 2004.


Kaptau Packaging (Pty) Ltd is purposely established to successfully address your packaging challenges by helping you to conquer new sustainable frontiers in your own terms while responsibly preserving our environment. Established in 2014 in Namibia, Kaptau Packaging puts you in charge of your packaging requirements and turn the odds in your favor when you should responsibly and uniquely thrive in the manufacturing and retail industry.


The People have spoken, and Kaptau Packaging have taken a bold step towards transformation and capacitate the participation by SMEs in sustainably strengthening Africa’s regional economic growth and integration.  There are untapped growth opportunities in the customized packaging of Construction Powders, Flour, Sugar, Salt, Grains, Maize, Fertilizer, Fresh Produce, Charcoal, Adhesives that you too – can NOW pursue with us. To most industry enthusiasts and aspiring manufacturers, packaging needs is a daunting task and/or an entry barrier.


Kaptau Packaging understands your need for affordable and innovative ways of packaging your products and stand out from oblivion. Merchants and Retailers are increasingly facing a challenge of keeping up with the sustainability demands of Mother Earth to maintain the ecological equilibrium. Above all, it is increasingly desirable for States to capitalize on value addition from their country’s natural resources as this creates jobs for citizens and revenues for the States. 


Kaptau Packaging is committed to capacitating small players to enter and stay in the market. Concurrently, Kaptau Packaging helps the big players to competitively focus and excel on their key deliverables. We passionately hold your hand and walk you all the way through your journey as you navigate unchartered packaging parameters.


We pride ourselves in our ability and responsibility – to meet clients demands and exceed their expectations with a unique blend of talent, quality, products and technology that leads the industry in functional efficiency, practical usability and cost affordability. 


While our leading-edge technologies are intricate, our approach to serving customers is made of a simplicity touch. Kaptau Packaging is religiously devoted to principles of honesty, integrity, getting work done on time and grooming the best talents. Our principles are backed-up with monitored processes that encourage innovation, speed-to-market and supply chain satisfaction. 


Should your instincts demand an all-weather packaging partner who provides value for your money and gives you a distinctive competitive advantage, we trust you will make the prudent choice of giving Kaptau Packaging the privilege to facilitate your commercial glory.